SideKick Power Your Smart Phone Anywhere

Flintu SideKick by Portable and Versatile Smartphone Charger

Sidekick was created based on an experiment undertaken by Kelvin. It was an emergency that needed power solution and he was able to generate an instant solution, which benefited his friend. The idea was to make a product that could live on your keychain and provide you options when you’re in these tight situations.

The first feature of sidekick is the internal battery – if the take the cable is taken out and plugged into your phone and it can power and charge it. It can last for about two hours before it gets low.

Secondly, sidekick can be used with batteries that you can pick up at a convenience store. You really start and then we complete the circuit using a magnetic bridge cover and then plug then plug in your smart phone and it shall start charging instantly.

Sidekick can also function as a cable. if you’re at your friend’s house and you are an iphone or android user , you shall always have a cable on you. You can easily plug and charge or get files transferred with it. If there is a real emergency and you wish to get refreshed, you can even use sidekick as an opener, this is an everyday carry that you can have on you all the time.

Sidekick as an everyday carrier is bundled up with 128 gigabyte of storage, which you can use with the thumb drive or you can plug into your phone and backup photos, videos. if you need it for the journey, for Flint and so on. Description exclusively provided by Just choosing.

The Sidekick is available as $49 for an 8G Sidekick, $59 for a 16G, $69 for 32G, $99 for 64G or $129 for a 128GB.

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