Show your creativity with .design extension for your domain

Today no one wants to do any extra work, especially scratch their heads to find what the
company sells. For example “.com” includes anything & everything under the sun and
without going thru the site, finding what it specializes in, is difficult.

Domain extension is the name which is attached with the word after the dot, that is, “.com” or
“.net” or “.org”. All these are domain extensions. Till date most businesses need to define the
choice, that is, for commercial websites the extension “.com” is the one to go whereas for non-profit
ones, the “.org” suits best. However, all this is about to change. Get ready to be surprised by the
subtle change in extensions coming your way!

Enter the Designer Domains Era

Among thousands of new domains introduced recently, .Design extension is grabbing many
eyeballs. Just one look at this commercial extension and the visitor knows what the site is all
about. No more scratching the head and no more guesses!

The Beauty of Special Domains

The .design domain, for example, lists the entire variety of design fields like Interior Design, Web
Design, Fashion Design, and a zillion other fields. And there are many distinctive advantages, a few
of them can be:

  • It is a totally new niche and the surprised visitor will often stop and explore for sure.
  • It shows how well you are aware of new developments on the web!
  • It helps designers to showcase their work.
  • Web & UI designers, Illustrator artists can create their designs and also write about their
  • The URL is easy to remember (this is THE most important aspect)
  • With .design domain extension, you can present you design services clearly.
  • Vendors can sell all their wares which either help in designing or creating the product.
  • Like minded people can drop in and discuss about the designs and allow others to compare
    their thoughts and experiences.

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