Finder Replacement to access numerous files in Mac

Free dual pane file manager- Mac Finder alternative

Mac OS is one of the best-operating systems for PCs. It has secured features and unique Desktop Environment which makes it less demanding for you to work. However, it’s very frustrating to deal with a huge number of similar files on a Mac PC. Actually, Users have especially complained that finding documents in a Mac operating system is one of the most difficult tasks they ever confront. So to make things simpler, Commander One software has been designed by Eltima.

Speaking truthfully about Commander One, it is usually referred to as the replacement software for Finder. The fundamental work ability of the Commander One is to oversee dual pane window and toolbars so that you can have a brisk view of numerous documents at a single go. The quick look search feature allows you to instantly see the hidden files/records. Not just this, the software is likewise suitable for file compression and accomplishing them for convenient file transfer protocol.

Features of Commander One

  • Dual panel File Manager allows you to access numerous files on a single screen separated into two sections.
  • You can open different tabs for independent settings.
  • Enhanced usersremembrance of located files ability by renaming the files whenever the files are being relocated from one folder to another.
  • Different packs for more capacities and prerequisites .

How Commander One works

Commander One document administrator works especially with Swift programming language thereby serving as a substitute choice to Finder. Your window gets separated into two sections so that you will be able to see various areas at a single glimpse. Much the same as the other popular file managers for Mac, Commander One comes with numerous free versions that let you see and operate files in a unique way. It also enables you to rename and move documents during the search process. The paid version of the software includes significant features in the inquiry process. For example, you can add color themes and make the Searching procedure more precise.

The overall usefulness of erasing, moving, copying and editing are shown over the window. In addition, you can see the windows in a thumbnail section, row and column form.

The app shows the entire possible UI alternative so that you will be able to notice everything and nothing will escape your eyes. Likewise, the content of one window pane never collapses or crash with the other pane so you can open up numerous panes at once without confusing yourself.

The principle purpose of Commander One is to provide better file management capacities. It is sure to give a superior usability and features in the future updates. Likewise, the paid versions of the software aregenuinely evaluated. So in case you wish to upgrade the functionality of your Mac or MacBook, go for the paid versionsMac Finder alternative without considering any other options.

PRO Pack: The cost for PRO Pack version is $29.99 while the basic software is FREE. The PRO Pack version coordinates features like Dropbox and other clouds, FTP/SFTP/FTPS and robust file compression capacity. It is additionally helpful in handling the compressed files for taking care of more themes and topics more efficiently. One of the key features of the software is the easy to understand plan it has. The ease of use can be seen in both basic and PRO Pack of the application.

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