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We cannot underestimate the importance of video marketing in today’s world where millions of videos are uploaded on Youtube and watched more than millions times. So, here we will walk you through the text to video converter tool with its benefits.

Problem you face while creating videos for youtube

It’s pretty difficult to make videos without the required technical know-how. To add to the complication, there are so many tools and applications that it becomes confusing to zero in on one. You can get the best writers to write articles to your specifications and guidelines. However, when you need to make a video out of that article, you may not be able to find the right person to do so. Don’t worry for we will introduce text to video converter and its features for you.

This tool will help you to create videos online just by Drag and Drop.

Here, we have an easy and affordable solution to your problem that will help you in getting you more visibility on Youtube and many more social media websites. A tool that can convert your article into a video within a couple of minutes with minimal or no effort. In case, you are a kind of person who is not technical, like me, you can use this tool and in few clicks create a video to your specifications. And, if you want to customize your videos, that’s possible too. Just upload images to be included and you are ready to watch your video.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy-to-use application with minimal instructions.
  • You can create beautiful marketing videos without a camera or video editing. You have the option to choose from six video styles to create highly engaging videos for YouTube.
  • Submit your videos to 20+ video sharing and social sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc. with their tool Video Submit Robot, automatically.
  • If you like to do everything on your phone or iPad, now you can create article marketing videos on it too. Article Video Robot runs on all mobile phones and devices. No download or app installations required.
  • For the first time, here is a way for you to put readymade professional human intros and endings in your marketing videos. This enables viewer engagement and increase chances of conversion.
  • Use the Video optimization tool to analyze your videos, get suggestions and scores to help your videos rank quickly and higher in search results.
  • Using 7 outstanding natural sounding human voices, it creates the voice-over narrating your articles.
  • Turn your reluctant viewers into active prospects with a software. You can capture leads, redirect traffic and insert call-to-action (CTA) buttons during various parts of your video With CTA video player.

How it Works?

Step 1. Click here to open website and Register yourself with user details. or you can login directly with your facebook or Gmail account.

Step 2. Add you tube account details, If you want to upload your video directly on youtube. Select the video style which you want to use for your video.

Step 3. I have selected the first option, that’s white board option. It will display popup and recommend you to choose one click article to video maker. The easiest and fastest way to turn any article, blog post, or news article into a video.Easiest way to turn your article to video

Step4 . it gives you 3 options. I have my text ready so I will select the third option which is “I want to copy paste the article by hand”
Create videos with your own text

Step 5. Form will open, Fill your details like Article Title, Article body, Website url, Author name, Image etc and select the button convert to video.
Rendering your video from your text and images

Step 6. When you press “Convert to video” button , it will start creating your video with your text and images.

Step 7. Your video is ready. Click the button “Watch Instant preview” to see your video.
Watch your converted videos

Step 8. Here is the preview of my video with complete voice-over and text animation.
Text animation by TutorialWebDesign

So, What are you waiting for, Just click the button below and Start creating your videos online with your own text and images.


There are two types of accounts for the users. For those who want to make short 30-second videos, the service is free. However, in case, you want to make longer duration videos and 30 seconds is not enough to explain your services or products, you can opt for Paid Accounts with a host of benefits. They have the option to go either for a monthly plan or for a yearly plan. As per your needs, you can opt any one of them.

So, what are you waiting for? Kick start your journey from a Blogger to a Vlogger with this amazing video converter tool.

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