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Every student has a smartphone that does not need to buy a calculator because we offer this service on a smartphone, you have to install it on your phone and start the math work. ClevCalc – Calculator helps you provide the best content to use with all kinds of mathematical operations that are needed directly on your Android phone and tablet. This calculator application meets all your requirements when solving mathematical problems. Regardless of whether the operation is a multiplication, division, or trigonometric label, and that unit conversion can also be performed, this program contains everything you need to calculate.

ClevCalc is a calculator application that can help you solve virtually any transaction you need on a normal day. It allows you to have more than a dozen different types of calculators.


The General Calculator is the basis you plan when you listen to a global calculator that allows you to solve simple operations and equations. However, the converter is much more than you expect from your name. It can convert length, width, weight, volume, time, temperature, pressure, speed, energy efficiency and amount of data.

The currency converter includes more than 90 types of coins to choose from.
And for a discount calculator, all you have to do is enter the price of the product and the discount, you must know immediately how much it costs and how much money you save.

Where can I download this?

As one of the complete calculator, clevcalc can be download from online store such googleplay, and other top websites the support apps download such as ,, etc.

Download ClevCalc App

What types of calculations I can I do with ClevCalc (Calculator APP)

  • General calculations
  • Conversion of all units
  • Currency conversion
  • Calculation of the reduction
  • World clock conversion
  • GPA calculation
  • Ovulation calculator: calculates ovulation time and fertility using the menstrual cycle
    Billing date
  • Calculate the unit price by entering the price and the amount
  • In addition, the calculation of health: BMI and BMR metabolism,
  • Calculating energy efficiency to calculate fuel consumption for energy productivity


If you want to use simple calculations and many conversions, you must use this application safely, this calculator has 13 types of calculation that you can choose from and is an easy way to use anyone who wants to have it. And there is also a shifter so you do not get bored and comfortable while you count.

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