20 Video sharing websites to Upload and Promote your Video.

Marketing a product through a video is part of content marketing strategy. From an individual to the biggest companies in the world, all use video marketing to attract customers. A video with good content can engage customers and increase brand awareness. There are different Video sharing websites to upload and promote your video and it can reach millions of internet users. Tapping into this power, many companies have grown exponentially. A video, just like a movie, has more impact on a viewer. However, since the video is short and free to watch, more and more people watch it on the internet.

Here is the list of 20 websites where you can upload and promote your video.

1. Youtube
The most popular and the largest video uploading site. It is owned by search engine giant Google. It offers to upload and watch videos. You can also earn money from your video if it has a large number of viewers.
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It is a multinational entertainment company of America. It’s a video streaming website and offers subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies.
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3. Vimeo
It’s a video-sharing website where you (users) can upload, share and view videos. It offers tools for hosting, sharing and streaming videos in high definition. Commercial and copied content can not be uploaded.
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As a video hosting website, it provides on-demand video streaming services to watch movies, TV show and web episodes (webisodes).

Based out of France, it is available in nearly 34 languages. It comes with multiple features like Youtube.
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6. Twitch
It’s owned by Amazon. Twitch is a video platform for live streaming of gaming talk shows. It also has a mobile app for Android and iOS platform.
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7. Vine
It allows recording and uploading of short video clips. It’s owned by Twitter, and it can work on all major platforms like Windows, iOS and Android.
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Just like Vine, it allows users to upload videos, but it could be of longer duration. All its services are free and a good website to earn money.
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This again is a website where one can share videos.
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It offers video streaming service to its users. Multi-device support, HD broadcasting, embed, etc. are its functionalities. The mobile application is available in many languages.

It’s designed especially for men where you can watch funny vides, funny pictures among other stuff. You can submit your videos, and they pay you if it’s featured on their site.
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Here users can provide TV shows to be shown on the website.
Visit Tv.com

On this website, you can upload and sell your video.
Visit Smugmug

Here you can upload and watch short video clips like Vine.
Visit Metacafe

An on-demand internet streaming site.

It’s a Chinese video sharing website.

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Visit FunnyJunk

A simple way to discover and share great videos.
Visit Blinkx

We have provided an exhaustive list of video sharing website for you. We hope you’d take advantage of a website or websites as per your marketing strategy, needs and budget.
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