10 Ways to Increase visibility of your Youtube videos

Youtube is an amazing medium to promote your brand, increase customer base and earn money. In this article, we will list 10 ways to Increase visibility of your Youtube videos. It’s a social media platform where millions of videos are viewed, liked and commented. The vast number of people watching Youtube and its popularity is what you need to cash in on. However, at the same time, it’s a challenge to emerge as a winner out of so many videos uploaded each day.

Let’s help you with following tips and tricks, of which you may be aware of some:

Channel Name should be catchy
You need to have a catchy, short and descriptive channel name. The name should help viewers conjure up an image of what you want them to know.

Keyword rich description

The description of your channel should have relevant keywords. So if viewers search for those keywords, they would be able to find you in the search results. Though it depends on a lot of factors, you still have the chance to appear eventually when you have accumulated sufficient views and subscribers.

Embed Youtube videos on your blog/website

By embedding YouTube videos on your blog or a website, you let your visitors know that you have the presence on YouTube as well.

Regularly updating videos

Regularly updating videos sends a signal to Youtube that you are very much active on their platform.

Use keywords in the title of the video

Use keywords that you want to target and those which briefly tell viewers what they can expect in the videos. Your title should be powerful enough to attract attention and at the same time have relevant keywords.

Description of video

Just like the title of the video, the description is equally important. It should have keywords and viewers should know what they could expect out of it. However, in the mobile version, the title is prominent.

Add annotations and cards

Annotations are an opportunity to engage your viewers. It helps viewers to like, share, subscribe or direct them to other relevant content of yours. Cards are like upgraded version of annotations which is more interactive. Youtube may replace annotations with cards.

Attractive thumbnail

Thumbnail of your video is the most important factor to attract viewers. It should catch the attention of the viewers and visually display what they would find in the video. So, customize your thumbnail to fit the description.

Use other social media platforms

To promote your video on other platforms, use social media buttons. Besides, when you publish a video on Youtube, ensure to post it on the other social media websites. This strategy is simple and can get you more views and engagements.

Engaging content

Lastly, the content of your video should be entertaining or informative which much interest the viewers. After all, the content is what can engage your audiences and increase your subscriber base. Youtube’s algorithm factors in the watch duration, the number of times shared and commented.

Do use these tips and tricks and provide suggestions, if any.

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