10 Free Photoshop Smoke Brushes

Free Photoshop smoke brushes  are naturally shaped smoke brushes that will help you make your photos mysterious and dreamy. In this smoke brush Photoshop bundle you will find the smoke of different shapes, intensity and position on the photo.

PS Smoke Brush #1
Creates the illusion of a smoking cigarette. It adds a kind of chic and romance as if you were sitting in a luxurious restaurant and enjoying an expensive cigar.

PS Smoke Brush #2
Resembles cigarette smoking too, but the smoke is denser.

PS Smoke Brush #3
Reminds sweet aroma of a freshly baked pastry. If your aim is to add some warmth to the family photo at a dinner table, choose this brush among other smoke overlays for Photoshop.

PS Smoke Brush #4
Have you ever seen the steam above a plate of a hot soup? The fourth brush replicates it. It is highly recommended for photos with food for magazine and ads.

PS Smoke Brush #5
The flavor of coffee is incredible. Especially when it is accompanied by a croissant that melts in your mouth. This brush is good for such kind of delicate pictures in dark tones. There is a cup of coffee on the table and you just use the coffee smoke brush to finish it.

PS Smoke Brush #6
Resembles the smoke of a candle. It is great for romantic photos, couple photoshoots.

PS Smoke Brush #7
This brush can be used to add spooky feeling to your Halloween images.

PS Smoke Brush #8
Among other Photoshop brushes this one has very gentle, intertwined clouds of smoke for landscape images.

PS Smoke Brush #9
It will look awesome if you use this overlay for urban photography. Together with Bokeh effect – it makes awesome outcomes.

PS Smoke Brush #10
Creates an idea that something has exploded on the background. You can use this fog overlay Photoshop for pictures with fires and blow-ups.

How to install Photoshop brushes on your laptop:

After choosing the overlay you like, you have to install them, which is really easy and quick.

  1. Unpack your bundle;
  2. Drag files into Photoshop/choose Edit > Presets > Preset Manager (choose the necessary brushes from the menu, add them with “Load”);
  3. Press letter “B” to select brushes and enjoy your smoke Photoshop actions.

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